7 Best Tips For Save Money While Traveling in (2023)

save money while travelling

Do you want to travel with save money while traveling but feel your budget won’t let you? You’re not alone — with rising travel costs and living expenses. It can be challenging for many people to take the trip of their dreams without breaking the bank. But don’t fret! With some knowledge of where to look and what hacks there are, saving money while traveling doesn’t have to be an impossible mission.

This blog post will help show you all the tips and tricks that budget-savvy travelers use so you, too, can explore all corners of the world while keeping costs low. Ready to become a master traveler on a rookie’s budget? Let’s get started!

Here are some tips or tricks for saving money while traveling

Plan ahead

Saving money while traveling can be a manageable task. Planning ahead can help you save money and make the most of your vacation. Here are some tips for saving money before, during, and after your trip: 

Before You Leave: 

  1. Book flights in advance to secure the best airfare prices. 
  2. Research restaurants and hotels before you go so you can compare prices. 
  3. Pack light to avoid paying additional baggage fees that airlines often charge.  
  4. Make sure you purchase any necessary travel insurance coverage in case of an emergency while traveling. 

During Your Trip: 

  1. Take advantage of public transportation options such as buses or trains instead of renting a car which can be costly. 
  2. Use any discounts or coupons that you may have to save money while dining out, visiting tourist attractions, and more. 
  3. Look for deals on activities such as sightseeing tours, bike rentals, and other activities offered in the area.  

After Your Trip: 

  1. Save all receipts from your trip to track expenses so you can keep a budget of how much you spent. 
  2. Review your credit card bills to ensure no errors or unauthorized charges. 
  3. Store important documents like tickets, passports, and visas in a safe place. This will help if you need to refer back to them for future trips or general record-keeping. 

With these tips in mind, you can easily save money while traveling. Plan ahead and make the most of your trip!

save money while traveling

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Traveling off-season 

Traveling off-season is a great way to save money while traveling. During the peak season, prices of flights and accommodations tend to be higher than during the non-peak months. By traveling off-season, you can take advantage of lower prices for flights and available accommodations. 

Also, by traveling off-season, there are often other perks, such as discounts or bonus offers, that you may need help to get during the peak season. You can also avoid overcrowding, long lines, and higher prices for food or services that tend to accompany the peak travel season. 

Another financial benefit of traveling off-season is that you may save on activities or attractions in high demand during the peak season. For example, if you visit a popular museum or theme park during an off-season month, chances are it will be less crowded and therefore offer lower ticket prices. To ensure you get the best deal, research and compare prices online before booking. 

Finally, you can get more value for your money by traveling off-season. When traveling off-peak, you may find great deals with bargain airlines or accommodations that offer extra savings. By taking advantage of these offers, you can save significant money and make your trip more enjoyable. 

save money while traveling

Use public transportation

Public transportation is a great way to save money while traveling. It often costs significantly less than more private forms of transport, such as taking a taxi or renting a car. Moreover, it allows travelers to explore new areas and view local attractions in ways that can’t be done in other modes of travel.

Additionally, public transportation is usually more environmentally friendly than traditional forms of transport as it reduces overall emissions. Therefore, utilizing public transportation for your travels can not only save you money but also help reduce your carbon footprint. Overall, using public transportation is an excellent way to save money while traveling.

Stay in budget accommodation

One of the best ways to save money while traveling is to stay in budget accommodation. Budget accommodations range from hostels and guesthouses to Airbnb rentals or camping sites. Not only do these options provide great value for money, but they also often come with a unique experience that you wouldn’t find in more expensive hotels – think meeting different people, exploring local communities, and getting a taste of the real country you’re visiting. 

When staying in budget accommodation, it’s important to remember that comfort is only sometimes guaranteed – dorm rooms, for example, often have minimal amenities and shared bathrooms. But if you’re willing to sacrifice some creature comforts for a lower price tag, plenty of great options exist. 

One way to save even more money is by using rewards programs or discounts offered by certain websites and apps. For example, some hostels offer discounts if you book directly through their website or via special apps like Hostelworld or Booking.

save money while travelling

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Cook your own meals

Cooking meals while traveling can help you save money and make the most of your budget. This is especially beneficial when traveling to expensive cities like London or Tokyo. Preparing meals at home allows you to stick to a limited budget while enjoying good food during your travels. 

When shopping for groceries, try buying from local markets or nearby shops instead of supermarkets. This is more cost-effective and allows you to taste the city’s food culture and find unique ingredients you won’t find in regular stores. Save money by buying in bulk. 

Look up recipes online that use ingredients you can buy locally and experiment with different cuisines. Cooking your meals also eliminates the need to eat out daily, so you don’t have to worry about spending too much on meals while traveling. 

Keep in mind that some apartments may need more kitchen equipment for you to cook your meals. Be sure to check before booking accommodation, or bring your kitchen tools, just in case. 

Cooking meals while traveling is a great way to save money and enjoy the local cuisine. With a little research and planning, you can make the most out of your budget while exploring different cities worldwide. 

save money while travelling

Look for free activities

Look for free activities while traveling to save money. Research local attractions and activities that are affordable, such as parks or walking tours. Museums are generally affordable, and some even offer discounts for students or locals. And don’t forget about street performers – they may not always be free, but they are often entertaining and worth checking out. If you’re staying in a city, take advantage of its public transportation system – it will save you money on cab fares and parking costs.

Eating at local restaurants can also help you save some cash; more affordable options include street food or foods that don’t require a full-sized kitchen to prepare them. Free walking tours are another great way to learn about the area without spending a lot of money. Finally, camping is an inexpensive option for accommodation that can be done almost anywhere. With these tips in mind, having an enjoyable trip without breaking the bank is possible! 

save money while travelling

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Bargaining is a great way to save money while travelling. Not only can it help you purchase goods and services at lower prices, but it can also provide an authentic cultural experience. When bargaining, remember to be respectful and courteous towards the seller. Start by offering the lowest amount you would be willing to pay for the item or service. Be prepared to negotiate back and forth until you both reach an acceptable price. Bargaining can be intimidating, but it is a great way to get the most out of your travels while saving money at the same time. So don’t be afraid to give it a try! 


In conclusion, saving money while traveling can be done through smart and proactive planning. Researching accommodation options, taking advantage of airfare discounts, using online currency converters to get the best deals, and sticking to a budget are all important steps for ensuring a successful trip without breaking the bank. Saving money on your travels doesn’t have to mean cutting back on the fun; it just means being strategic about where you spend your money so that you can make the most out of every dollar. With these tips in mind, you can enjoy a memorable adventure within your desired budget! 


Can I save money while still experiencing local culture and cuisine?

You can save money while experiencing local culture and cuisine by cooking meals with local ingredients, exploring local markets and street food, and attending free cultural events and festivals.

Is it safe to use public transportation while travelling?

Yes, it is generally safe to use public transportation while travelling. However, it’s always a good idea to be aware of your surroundings and keep your valuables safe.

How do I find the best deals on flights and accommodation?

You can find the best deals on flights and accommodation by booking in advance, being flexible with your travel dates, and using price comparison websites and travel apps.

Can I still have fun while traveling on a budget?

Yes, you can still have fun while traveling on a budget by exploring free or low-cost activities, meeting locals and other travelers, and trying new experiences that don’t require a lot of money.

Should I exchange currency before or during my trip?

It depends on the destination and the exchange rate. Generally, it’s a good idea to exchange some currency before your trip for emergencies. Still, it’s also wise to use ATMs or credit cards for most of your expenses while traveling.

Is it worth it to purchase travel insurance?

Yes, it’s worth it to purchase travel insurance to protect yourself from unexpected situations such as flight cancellations, lost or stolen luggage, and medical emergencies.

Can I still bargain for goods and services in Western countries?

While bargaining is rare in Western countries, it’s still possible to negotiate prices for certain goods and services, such as souvenirs, taxi fares, and hotel rates.

How can I maximize my travel rewards points and miles?

You can maximize your travel rewards points and miles by using credit cards with generous rewards programs, booking flights and hotels through travel rewards portals, and taking advantage of promotions and bonuses.

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