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Giving up buying can be the path to happiness

More and more people want to buy less and save more. Giving up unnecessary stuff is a way to live a more sustainable life. But what effect does it have on the happiness we experience? The corona pandemic has driven people, …
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How to raise a child smart money user?

The money ratio is complex and many of us can only delve into it as an adult because open money is a relatively recent phenomenon. For us as adults to better understand our own and then our own children’s relationship to …
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Are you interested in investing in bitcoins, shopping, or do you just want to get to try Bitcoin? This getting started guide is for you. Investigate before the huts. Bitcoin gives the average person the freedom to manage their own money. It’s …
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The journey towards a freer life usually also means increasing financial freedom and independence. At different stages of the journey and for different passengers, this independence is defined in different ways. However, the idea is that dependence on paid employment …
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