7 Best and Easy Money Saving Challenges in 2023

money saving challenges

Are you looking for ways to save money but need help finding the motivation? A great solution is a money saving challenge! Money saving challenges are an easy and fun way to force yourself into scrimping more. It will help bring your savings goals closer and give you small successes that can motivate you along the way.

In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the best money saving challenges out there so you can choose one that works best for your lifestyle and financial situation. Read on to learn how taking up a money saving challenge can help put distance between you and debt.

Money Saving Challenges

Money saving challenges can be a great way to motivate yourself towards money management. They involve setting attainable money-saving goals and then tracking progress as you go. The idea is to find ways to reduce or eliminate unnecessary expenses while still being able to have money left over at the end of each month. This type of strategy helps people to make their money work for them rather than just spending it without thought.

Money saving challenges also help people become more mindful about how they use money, allowing them to create better habits regarding money management. Furthermore, money saving challenges are often fun and rewarding because they give individuals something tangible (savings) from which they can benefit in the present and future. Ultimately, money saving challenges help people track their money and create better money-managing habits. 

There are many money-saving challenges that can help you save more money and reach your financial goals. Here are some popular ones:

1) 52-Week Challenge

The 52-Week Challenge is a money saving challenge that can help you reach your financial goals. Over the course of 52 weeks, you’ll save an increasing amount of money each week. By the end of the Challenge, you will have saved up $1,378! This money could be used for a big purchase such as a vacation, a car, or even to start investing in stocks and bonds. The money saving Challenge is not just about setting aside money but also helps build good money habits over time.

You’ll become more mindful and disciplined with your money as you commit yourself to this challenge day by day. Plus, watching your savings grow week after week will be very satisfying and encouraging! So if you’re looking for an easy money saving plan, consider giving the 52-Week Challenge a try! It could be the key to unlocking your financial future. 

money saving challenges

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2) No-Spend Challenge 

A No-Spend Challenge is a money saving challenge that encourages you to avoid discretionary spending, such as dining out and shopping for non-essential items. It’s an effective way to track your spending habits and learn how to save money without giving up all the luxuries and conveniences you enjoy. 

During this money saving Challenge, you’ll be able to identify money-saving opportunities and learn how to live on a budget. It is also a great way to identify the areas where money can be saved. Eating out isn’t necessary, and the money spent on entertainment can be reduced. 

You’ll have the chance to set financial goals for yourself, set a timeline for when you want to achieve those goals, and track your progress along the way. A No-Spend Challenge can help you become financially independent, save money for retirement, pay off debt, or take control of your finances. 

It’s important to avoid approaching this money saving Challenge with an all-or-nothing mindset. You don’t have to give up everything that you enjoy; rather, focus on the money-saving opportunities and set realistic goals that can be achieved. 

3) Spare Change Challenge 

The Spare Change Challenge is a money saving challenge that helps you turn small amounts of money into something bigger. To get started, collect all your spare change at the end of each day and put it in a jar or piggy bank. Once a week or month, deposit the coins to your local bank branch into a savings account. It’s an easy way to save money without feeling like you’re depriving yourself. You don’t have to worry about tracking payments or setting up online accounts either—add coins whenever you can.

In the long run, this money saving Challenge can help you build savings and make smart money decisions. As an added bonus, you may even be more mindful of how much money you’re spending—so you can save even more each week! Try the Spare Change Challenge and see how it can help you reach your financial goals.

money saving challenges

4) 30-Day Rule 

The 30-Day Rule is a money saving challenge that helps you avoid making impulse purchases and encourages you to think critically about your spending. With this Challenge, you commit to waiting at least 30 days before buying any items that are not essential. During this time, it allows you to assess the item’s true value and if it is something you really need.

This money saving Challenge can help you build better money habits and make more mindful purchase decisions. It is a great way to start responsibly managing your finances. Give it a try today and take the first step towards financial freedom!

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5) Cash-Only Challenge 

The Cash-Only Challenge is a money-saving challenge that encourages people to use only cash for everyday purchases. This Challenge can last anywhere from one week to one month and is designed to help people stay on budget without overspending. It’s a great way to keep track of your spending habits, as you’ll need to plan out how much money you’ll need for the week or month and budget accordingly.

Additionally, it’s educational because it allows people to see where their money is going and begin to understand how much they spend on everyday items. Ultimately, this money saving Challenge will help you become a wiser spender and create healthier financial habits. Give your wallet a break with the Cash-Only Challenge! 

6) Meal Planning Challenge

A money saving challenge through meal planning is a great way to reduce your grocery costs and keep yourself from eating out too often. When you plan your meals in advance, you can make sure that you’re only purchasing the ingredients for what you need and not spending money on items that will go bad before they are used. To get started, set a budget for your groceries and stick to it when shopping.

Look for items on sale or with coupons, as this can help you save money while still supplying all the ingredients needed for meals. Planning will also allow you to ensure you have all the right ingredients, so you’re not making last-minute trips to the store. With a little preparation, money saving through meal planning is possible!

money saving challenges

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7) Decluttering Challenge 

The Decluttering Challenge is a great money-saving endeavour that can help you build your savings. Starting the Challenge involves going through your possessions and selling or donating items you don’t need or use anymore. While it’s not always easy to part with things, doing so can positively affect your finances! From money saved on rent for storage space to money earned from selling items, you can build up a nest egg over time.

Plus, decluttering your home can bring peace of mind knowing that you won’t be wasting money keeping things around that no longer serve you. So why take this opportunity to do something good for yourself and your finances? Start the Decluttering Challenge today!


Money saving challenges are an excellent way to manage money responsibly and stretch your budget. Planning out simple money-saving tasks, such as cutting back on discretionary expenses or transferring money into a dedicated savings account, can add up quickly and make a big difference in your ability to save money. With clear goals in mind, money saving challenges provide rewards and satisfaction that come with progress toward financial stability. Whether your goal is to build an emergency fund or put money toward a large purchase, money saving challenges offer an effective way to make progress while still having fun. So start Challenge today and get closer to achieving your financial goals! 


How can I start a money saving challenge?

There are different ways to start a money saving challenge. You can use a savings app or create your Challenge by setting a specific amount you want to save and breaking it down into smaller weekly or monthly goals.

What are some popular money saving challenges?

Some popular money saving challenges include the 52-week money-saving Challenge, the no-spend Challenge, and the envelope budgeting challenge. Each Challenge has its own rules and goals that help you save money.

What are the benefits of participating in a money saving challenge?

Participating in a money saving challenge can help you develop good financial habits, increase your savings, and reduce debt. It can also help you track your spending, prioritize your expenses, and achieve your financial goals.

What happens if I fail to complete a money saving challenge?

If you fail to complete a money saving challenge, don’t give up. You can always start again or try a different challenge. Remember, the purpose of the Challenge is to help you develop good financial habits, and any progress you make is still a step towards achieving your financial goals.

How can I stay motivated during a money-saving challenge?

Staying motivated during a money saving challenge can be challenging, but you can keep yourself motivated by setting realistic goals, tracking your progress, and rewarding yourself for reaching milestones. You can also join a support group or find an accountability partner to aid you in staying on track.

How can I make a money saving challenge more effective?

To make a money saving challenge more effective, you can use budgeting tools, automate your savings, and reduce unnecessary expenses. You can also track your progress regularly and make adjustments if necessary. Remember, the key is to be consistent and persistent in your efforts.

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