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I start invest because I have brothers

I would love to tell you how perseverance, a tenacious desire to learn, and a hard endeavor have driven me to this point, that is, to investing, saving, and talking about money. It would be nice to say that I…

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A responsible investor does not have to cringe

An interesting question came up on Twitter: if the stock market were to close for 10 years now, which of the companies in its portfolio would do best? Investors are having quite a lively discussion in Some, and the answers…

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This is the true golden rule of the stock market

What is an index and how to start investing? The superstitious might compare the situation to the funny whimsical rule of thumb used to predict the peak of a business cycle: “When magazines write about investing, the collapse is near!…

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These four metrics for an investor would be good to understand

Kuten te tässä vaiheessa varmasti jo tiedätte, olen itse vannoutunut indeksisijoittaja enkä harrasta suoraa osakepoimintaa juuri ollenkaan. Siitä huolimatta perusteet on hyvä olla hanskassa, sillä osakkeisiinhan se indeksikin sijoittaa. Jakson aikana käydään läpi seuraavat neljä tunnuslukua, jotka ovat tuttuja myös…

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This is how you invest in unlisted companies

The text is not an investment recommendation. The first investment I made was in an unlisted company. I got a chance to invest in an early startup, from which I had just knocked out an internship in addition to my…

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