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This is how you invest in unlisted companies

The first investment I made was in an unlisted company. I got a chance to invest in an early startup, from which I had just knocked out an internship in addition to my studies. I was enchanted because I was…
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This is what my monthly budget looks like

Okay, the first Monday of the month is an official get-your-shit-together day, isn’t it? Today, we are drawing up monthly budgets and setting financial targets for the coming months. I promised in the section to share my budget here on…
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The basics of responsible investing

This time the topic is SUPER’s desired responsible investment. As always when dealing with a new topic, this one is just a scratch on the surface of a broad and complex topic (but does not let it depress). The section…
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What is cyclical fluctuation?

Cyclical fluctuations = when good and bad times follow each other on the stock market Cyclical fluctuation is a multi-year rise in economic growth followed by a multi-year decline. When investors eagerly buy stocks, stocks go up in price. As…
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The stock market investor in a day

Getting started is more important than scheduling. If you have the financial opportunity to do so, the best time to start investing is probably right now. Preach it! But what does “economic opportunity” mean? How much money do you need to…
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