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Five steps to a more minimalist life

I will now share five tips for a more minimalist life. I was initially interested in minimalism when I woke up to the fact that I only use a small fraction of the contents of my wardrobe. At the same…

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How to talk about money when all is not well

Today we will learn how to talk about money at a difficult time. Talking about money is hard, especially when everything is no longer okay. Everyone knows that there are many things you can do by talking. But why is…

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About my ignorance

You should always ask for help and not be ashamed of your ignorance. School of Economics is equal to economics, economics is equal to money and money is equal to investing. This is what I thought when I started my…

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A woman at the wheel – a proven better choice

An acquaintance recently asked himself a driver to whom I commented you were not a “girl”. The answer was “not for women”. I had my mouth open. After all, these “woman at the wheel” jokes must have been heard for…

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True or false? Things about housing investment

Equity investing has certainly become familiar to many, but does housing investing seem a stranger topic? This post will dive into the differences between stock and housing investing and take over the facts! Housing investing requires effort – true or…

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Cryptocurrency: What a miraculous cryptocurrency?

I asked the title question to my friends three years ago when I visited their office. (Or well, rather, I had come to say hello to their office dog.) My friends excitedly explained that the cryptocurrency is a “virtual currency…

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Worker women invest

On the Twitter side, the announcement of my new studies shouted “A thousand times I could have guessed the sun profession and not invented the forest machine driver” – a very amusing comment. Namely, many strangers were surprised by my…

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A responsible investor does not compromise on returns

Responsible investing has been a rising megatrend for a few years now. In addition to returns, more and more investors are also interested in where their money is going and the impact our investments have on the world around us,…

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