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Who gets to talk about money – nobody or all of us?

Is open rhetoric one way to promote socio-economic equality between different groups of people? I believe that open money is one way of promoting socio-economic equality between different groups of people. When we have discussions about money, grievances emerge. Yet…

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I finally get to invest!

I was supposed to become a big superhero, but I decided to become an investor because at best it can be pretty much the same thing. On the morning of my 18th birthday, I didn’t rush to buy alcohol but…

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This is how you buy cryptocurrencies!

Cryptocurrencies can be acquired by both mining and buying. Read a blog about what cryptocurrency mining and buying processes mean. Hey everybody! In a previous blog post, I already mentioned briefly that cryptocurrencies can be acquired in two different ways…

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How you get the money for the first investment home.

How to get to the first investment home? I often run into the misconception that investing in housing would only be a matter for the rich. That the account should have at least that hundred thousand euros so that you…

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