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Check out the apartment before buying it.

Whether you are a first-time home buyer or an experienced home investor, home deals are worth watching carefully. What to pay attention to when buying an apartment. Are you heading for home sales shortly? When buying an apartment or property,…

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What does deflation mean?

Deflation – Why is money growth not the key to happiness? What does deflation mean? And what happens if deflation prevails in the economy? Here we explain the reasons for deflation openly. Inflation, the fall in the value of money,…

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Pregnancy changed everything

When the pregnancy test looks positive, life can throw a somersault. How do you feel when you become a mother at a young age and your financial situation is not stable? I vividly remember the moment that changed my life…

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Why did I want to get rich?

Now I’m telling my story about a teenager to this day. What made you strive for financial independence? And how did I do that? I’m an entrepreneur, investor, wife, and mother of two. So far, there have been several significant…

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When you understand economics, you understand the world

Surely everyone who has ended up on this blog has sometimes read the news, which has the views of economists, i.e. economists, at any given time. They warn of the harmfulness of some phenomenon and comment on the latest economic…

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Let there be cryptos! – Cryptocurrency myths open

Let there be cryptos! The mailing series explores the world of cryptocurrencies by solving myths and sharing information. In the first part of the series, myths are broken Myth 1 – Twilight is funded by crypts It is often heard…

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