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When you understand economics, you understand the world

Surely everyone who has ended up on this blog has sometimes read the news, which has the views of economists, i.e. economists, at any given time. They warn of the harmfulness of some phenomenon and comment on the latest economic…
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Let there be cryptos! – Cryptocurrency myths open

Let there be cryptos! The mailing series explores the world of cryptocurrencies by solving myths and sharing information. In the first part of the series, myths are broken Myth 1 – Twilight is funded by crypts It is often heard…
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Who gets to talk about money – noone or all of us?

Is open rhetoric one way to promote socio-economic equality between different groups of people? I believe that open money is one way of promoting socio-economic equality between different groups of people. When we have discussions about money, grievances emerge. Yet…
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I finally get to invest!

I was supposed to become a big superhero, but I decided to become an investor because at best it can be pretty much the same thing. On the morning of my 18th birthday, I didn’t rush to buy alcohol but…
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