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For many people thirsting for freedom, dividends from share savings are the strategy and source of passive income on which to build freer years. But what does access to dividend income requirements, and how can they begin to replace the…

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One of the most common causes of dispute in a relationship is money. Before putting the bouquets and sweaters together with your gold, everyone should go through the most important questions. You know, tell us about yourself, where you’re dreaming,…

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Five tips: This is how you become a growth comppany investor

Digital platforms have also brought unlisted companies to retail investors in a whole new way. However, investing in them has its commercial benchmarks, which, for example, do not exist when investing in listed companies. Investing in unlisted companies can add…

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Thirteen steps to a successful funding campaign

We want to help companies achieve strong growth. This is done through a carefully planned and implemented funding campaign. In this article, we cover thirteen steps to a successful funding campaign. When planning your funding round The time of the…

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How to make more money? Lots of tips

Responding to opinion polls and surveys This way, you can easily earn some tens of euros by clicking on the answers to online surveys. There are many others of these services and we have made a comprehensive comparison of these…

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Why make growth investments before an IPO

It’s more of a rule than an exception: a small investor is disappointed in an IPO. Not because it would not be profitable to participate in IPOs – historically the opposite has been the case – but because a retail…

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Should index investors diversify as well?

Index investing is suitable for almost everyone because once an automated investment portfolio takes care of itself. But is it also worthwhile for an index investor to diversify? I answer this question on his blog. Since the beginning of the…

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