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Our community is where we talk about money, investing and saving in a relaxed way.

Our community is a bit like after works with friends. We talk about money and the economy, but make it understandable, interesting and entertaining. We offer positive experiences for starting an investment and taking over your own finances!

 A peek into my own story

I hope through my blog I can help you reflect on how you want to live your life, perhaps build a life change, and enjoy a more independent lifestyle. You are welcome to read our site stuff!

This blogsite was launched from my life change in 2019. Before that, I worked for a long time as executive director of a national drug organization and had lived a very work- and career-oriented life anyway. I started to wake up in 2015 to the fact that the years were repeated the same and at the same time, I started to become more tired and frustrated about running on my squirrel wheel.

Small runs, always having fun with friends, and traveling with the exception began to feel that I have lived too much for the work and support of other people. What about my dreams and my well-being? My own life began to seem frighteningly stagnant in its place and small signs of the need for change began to appear from here to here.

Traveling had always been important to me and the best nerve break from work. Especially on longer trips, I had begun to realize how happy traveling and different new environments, as well as a more relaxed lifestyle, made me.

For years, I invested almost all of my extra money on trips. The longer trips I made during my rotational leave year in 2016 opened my eyes to see new opportunities and reinforced the feeling that something needs to change.

My energy and achievement at work were no longer the best possible. Increased memory and concentration problems signal that relaxation should begin. Dreams of entrepreneurship and something all my own had grown alongside it all the time. At the same time, blood began to draw more and more to the world and the soul to cry out for freedom. And that call had to be answered.

However, I was delighted to do my entire forced career in a job that was interesting and meaningful, though then ultimately exhausting. I was doing too much work myself and I was constantly taking too much care of the whole organization. I worked as if it were my own company. I wanted to evolve and develop our organization, annoyed and annoyed when things didn’t go the way I wanted. At some point, I started to get tired of my performance and clinging to all the yarn.

At the end of 2017, I gained inner confidence that it was time to move on, leave my career behind, rest properly, and start something completely new. From Thailand, I informed my employer that I would return to work for a couple of months to recruit and introduce myself to a successor. Change is wistful but necessary. Happiness and relief from freedom was something indescribably intoxicating.

I had started a few years earlier to study investing and change my spending habits to better save money. It was annoying that I hadn’t been interested in investing properly before, even though I had acquired some kind of fund savings since 2005.

On the eve of resignation, vigilance had certainly not been the tactically best place to start putting things financially on new ground. After all, I managed to get some fund units and a couple of investment homes before I took off and thought that would be enough to get started.

How to combine a tourist lifestyle and entrepreneurship?

The trips had always represented me recovering from work and of course new adventures, new people with stories, and fascinating environments. For a long time, I thought that I wanted to take trips as a holiday and do my work in Finland, until I started to see an interesting opportunity to combine travel and work, especially through independent entrepreneurship.

Life changes in preparation for my vision were that the will to travel, to live and the duties of the hand corners of the world in the best way I like it and I’m happy. I missed the opportunity to live in the world on a longer formula, traveling slowly and getting to the destinations a little deeper than the surface. And so that I could just be sometimes, be at peace. My unnecessarily fast-paced previous lifestyle also began to pay off so much that I just wanted to retreat even more into my circumstances.

At the dawn of the forties, the academic fortune-telling performer was a casual laptop and freelancer who was looking for a relaxed atmosphere and his peace from the world for half a year.

What I have achieved in life will change?

through a change in his own life and paid work resignation I have gone through the various stages of the process of change, feelings, worries, and joys. Change in their work I’m doing reviewed different ways to customize your life for the better and a more liberal direction, either smaller or larger movements of the change.

I have walked my way toward freedom, wondering how life could be different depending on build and self-directed bottom. In a way, for completely new foundations, outside of traditional paid work. Their freedom of prescription I have built through the following skills and Activities:

  • learned/practiced investing (especially housing investment), earning passive income and financially conscious activities to secure my finances outside paid employment to minimize my dependence on earning money in paid employment
  • studied digital marketing, blogging, e-product making in several coaching courses as well as a business degree and mapped out different ways to earn on the road as a diginomadi laptop worker
  • I offered hosting service for short rental (such as Airbnb) during periods when I’m in my own country
  • immersed in increasing spiritual growth, self-knowledge, inner peace, and conscious choices

And the solution of my time I’m in a situation where:

  • I no longer wake up in the morning in painful stressful work thoughts, but satisfied and excited to start a new day
  • every day I feel grateful to be able to do things on my own (slower) schedule
  • I can implement myself and my ideas, being responsible only for my actions
  • I can see the world and (within certain limits) choose the places where I live and work for part of the year
  • I make up a fraction of my previous consumption, which means freedom from the compulsion to earn
  • accepting that I can no longer perform at the pace of previous years

Harnessing your own experiences to help others

I woke up to the years and decades of its rolling. I was horrified that life would continue in the same pattern to probably the same grave if I did nothing. The feeling was distressing. And I couldn’t wait any longer for an even more opportune time or for even more money to be saved and invested, even though I knew it would have made sense. However, the uniqueness of life and one’s well-being had to be given priority.

I realized that mere reasoning will most likely lead to a half-lived life. I realized I had to dare, even if I didn’t know what to keep coming. The best years of youth had already passed in the heat of work, but there were no middle-aged people here yet. The idea that I would wait for the wonderful freedom to travel with his adventures to come after that after the age of +60 seemed pretty distressing.

I tell you all about this because I want to encourage you to do what feels right inside you. To respond to the call of the world, either in the form of new voyages or longer detachments. There are ways and it is my mission to show them to you. Emphasizing in particular that while money is important in this figure, freedom can begin to be built even on a small budget.

I believe and hope that you can benefit from what I have gone through and learned. So if you are interested in the topics I describe:

  • voluntary subsistence
  • digital entrepreneurship
  • stays and travel in low-cost countries
  • breaks from work & breakout stories
  • saving and investing to enable freedom

-> so you can get me a guide to support your journey!

Although I had some time to prepare and make some investments before I resigned, it was also a leap into the unknown. Fortunately, the background was huge confidence in the way things were organized and on their own. 

Because I’m through certain choices and Activities got a situation where I live now much different depending on the life, I know that change is possible and that the barriers and challenges to overcome. But the hard work and attitude this new lifestyle link requires, it cannot be denied.

On our trip, I still wrestled with varying coping. And I also know quite well the curves that can come along the way. I will admit that at first, I thought everything would be easier. This trip may not be for everyone. However, how you succeed depends a lot on your starting point, resources, and state of mind.

I have researched and studied several different ways and paths to create that look uniquely yours and freer life. And I have tested a variety of ways to the livelihood of the acquisition, at the same time I have tried to build myself the most effective formula. From these personal experiences and interests, I will guide and share information on this blog.

My self-sufficient way of life and livelihood currently includes:

  • digital entrepreneurship
  • semi-annual stays in the world
  • economically conscious lifestyle
  • housing investment and host partnership services

-> i.e. a combination of active and passive income + restrained monthly expenses

I write about all of these on the blog because I think it will help you too. These themes have become my new area of ​​expertise and interest. My perspective is on how ordinary people can make a life change, get a sufficient amount of freedom, and live more independently.

I understand particularly well the world of thought and experience of those who have awakened to change through exhaustion. And I know very well that a new beginning, especially with more limited resources, is by no means easy and light.

Economically conscious tourism, ie a tourist’s financial skills, is also one of my favorite themes. I have written on this topic Household conscious guide in most colors. To travel around the world and the stay does not have to be expensive if it where I’m a living example. When staying abroad, my monthly budgets have ranged from € 500-1500. In recent years, as a rule, a monthly budget of € 600-900 has been quite sufficient.

Above all, I offer my example of what choices can be made and how life will change when you dare to take the reins and take action. You can pick up ideas and practices that are useful to you in your own story. Or you can seek information and inspiration for your travels through travel postings, maybe get excited about the detachment stories of others.

So this blog is full of little signs that you can use to find your path. I also go through my own story in the present, experiences of a new lifestyle, feelings, and knowledge of traveling from many angles.

Where am I going?

I feel like I’m still in the early stages of my new phase of life and laptop entrepreneurship and there’s a wonderful amount of open issues and question marks involved in everything. At the moment, I am excited to break with inspiring stories, new potential targets to find a residence, a network of entrepreneurship studies, and providing useful information through this blog. Alongside these, there are also housing investment and accommodation business themes.

New ideas are constantly circulating in the mind. It is still difficult to delineate and focus on one thing at a time. Perhaps a more precise focus is still emerging but until then. Over the next couple of years, the plan is to produce new useful coaching materials and test some e-commerce ideas.

The goal is for me to be able to continue my lifestyle part-time while traveling and part-time in Finland, being at least a few years ahead. Maybe I’ll find someone where I want to settle for a longer period. Own a small inn in the world has long been in mind or the opportunity to work on short rentals otherwise interested abroad. Let’s see what happens…

My goal is that I wouldn’t have to go back to a regular paid job, maybe never again. Unless, for some reason, I don’t want that. That’s not to say I couldn’t occasionally do something gig-worthy as a reward. However, working through your own company feels most natural.

Alongside entrepreneurship, I seek at least partial financial independence with my investments. For me, it means that you don’t have to work in a sweat hat in front of every livelihood euro, but that part of your livelihood is passive or semi-passive. I can’t dream of any great wealth, but a reasonable livelihood that will enable the lifestyle I want to live.

For all my inspiring ideas and opportunities, leisureliness and balance are important guiding principles in my life. With the symptoms of exhaustion, it has become increasingly important for me to prune the to-do list and provide adequate rest and recovery time.

It is not always easy to find a balance between numerous inspiring ideas and your performance. One goal, then, is to accept changes in one’s capacity, to use one’s resources wisely, while remaining firm in not building too much pressure or obligation on oneself. Stop constantly experiencing a bad conscience for not being able to do the same as before.

My journey in a new lifestyle progresses and builds year after year. Curious but unhurried, I take steps forward on my path. The direction is right and that is enough now.


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