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Established in 2020

Our community is where we talk about money, investing and saving in a relaxed way.

Our community is a bit like after works with friends. We talk about money and the economy, but make it understandable, interesting and entertaining. We offer positive experiences for starting an investment and taking over your own finances!


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12 things you need to know about us

1 | We do this because we love writing

The company is built on a love of entrepreneurship and content production. We are dreamers and enablers of impossible things. We tirelessly believe in the diversity of a corporate blog and the ability to make even the wildest dreams come true. We are easily approachable, we trust the diamond content and we want to create a relaxed atmosphere just for you

2 | We believe that anything is possible

No matter how you want to take advantage of a company blog. We believe it is possible to implement. When we combine empathy, passion and a wealth of ideas with opportunity, we can build any kind of corporate blog.

3 | We are here to change the world

Everyone has something unique to give. What is a matter of course for you can be a saving tip for everyday life for someone else. We want to give back and help those who are going through hard times. That’s why we give part of Blogger to Professional ™ online coaching sales directly to charity as a monetary donation.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” -Mahatma Gandhi

4 | We are not content with mediocrity

We give ourselves 120%. We want to exceed expectations. We want you to have a first-class experience in our blog, weekly newsletter and courses.

5 | We sell products and services

We pride ourselves on building and selling methods that make your journey easier and faster. Our goal is for each course participant to gain great insights and access to the best tips, techniques, and methods that can only help them succeed. For us, every student and reader is equally important and every blog is equally valuable.

6 | Therefore, 90% of what we do is free

We work tirelessly to produce the best educational content for bloggers and entrepreneurs. 5% of the content has been implemented together with the best partners. We don’t sell advertising space because we want to give the best information in the best location to our great readers (i.e. you!)

We hope you don’t mind when we market our own and carefully selected online courses and e-books from affiliates to help you move faster and keep annoying ads off your blog. Through course sales and carefully selected communities, we are able to buy food for our families, give back to charity and give you most of our creative work for free.

7 | Trust is the A and O of everything

What we write for the blog and the weekly letter is 100% behind it. We are honest and open to readers, customers and ourselves. If a course or e-book isn’t right for you, we’ll say it out loud. When mistakes happen, we take responsibility and work hard to correct them.

8 | We only recommend those that genuinely help you

We choose our partners carefully. We only recommend you products and services that we have first tested and found to work. We don’t recommend anything where we get money but we don’t know the product. Every affiliate and partner partnership is marked and openly reported.

9 | Me <3 You

You are the reason we exist. You help us build a better place to live out of this world, one blog at a time. We want you to be happy, happy and content. We always respond to emails, comments and questions. We want you to feel that you are important to us. We value and respect you just as you are. # you do

10 | Positivity creates positivity

However, it must be said that we have no room for trolls, hate speech, negativity and we do not accept bullying in any form. Individuals acting in this way are not welcome in our communities or as customers.

11 | We are not here for everyone

Optimism and positivity are overflowing, we admit it. We defend the weak and highlight the stars of the future. We take our job seriously but we don’t do the job with a serious face. If you are annoyed, feel free to choose another coach and blog where to spend your time.

12 | We have fun and take it easy

If it’s not fun, it’s not worth doing. If it has to be done right away, we won’t do it. In a fast-paced and hectic world, there is always room for silence, planning, and strategic goals. Because we want to give you the best, we do things in peace and spend time on it. Because we make sure things get done right from start to finish and there are no mistakes