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Inflation and why it is important to understand

Let me put it bluntly: inflation is a bitch. Inflation has been dubbed the enemy of the investor. Namely, it will, in the long run, frost the returns that we sweat hat in the coveted stock market. Well, does that…
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What is the stock market?

For me, investing doesn’t (at least not yet) look very different from basic saving either. I am not currently buying separate shares but investing in them through funds. My account leaves a monthly direct debit to a cost-effective fund. I…
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Who does not take risks does not drink champagne

Why invest money? The alternative would be to roll all the furs here and now, but instead, we put them on the stock exchange in the hope that they would sometimes make us even more money and allow for a…
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Tips To Save Money

Maintaining a budget is very important in the grand scheme of things as you want to make sure that you can take care of all the expenses that you incur in the course of living. This is something that a…
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We made a savings plan

Hello everyone! I decided to dedicate this Tuesday night to drawing up a savings plan for the coming winter. If you live as dangerously as I do, miraculously join the crowd! I really feel the need to put my finances…
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Three steps to start investing

Saving and investing means different things to different people, depending on your life situation and lifestyle. Even if you’re not a fencer for Excel spreadsheets or a person who gets cakes from savings courses, saving and investing can be made…
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