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What is an index?

So the idea of the investment glossary is to open a word related to the investment every week, which is usually just name-dropped without its clearer explanations. This week it’s the turn of the index! INDEX = a figure that…

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Lazy guy investment guide

Do you find talking about money boring? Let me guess, you know which models of jeans are trendy this spring or what music “everyone” is listening to right now, but you’re nowhere near as familiar with your money matters? I’ve…

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Now that the vanilla-flavored index fund of the investment portfolio is familiar, it’s time to look at another popular fund option, the ETF. Why is ETF good? Like an index fund, an ETF can be invested with monthly savings. It’s…

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Why are you investing?

I found an opening in my old notebook that I had modestly titled with the words “MY NEW LIFE”. Under the heading followed an agenda that scheduled everything from visualization exercises to abdominal movements. Writing this online, of course, is…

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How to achieve peace of mind?

“Talk about money, enjoy peace of mind” I was on-site hearing about Danske’s new Economic Peace for All project. The topic was interesting and sparked a lot of thoughts in me as well. Does money make you happy? Not necessarily,…

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Inflation and why it is important to understand

Let me put it bluntly: inflation is a bitch. Inflation has been dubbed the enemy of the investor. Namely, it will, in the long run, frost the returns that we sweat hat in the coveted stock market. Well, does that…

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What is the stock market?

For me, investing doesn’t (at least not yet) look very different from basic saving either. I am not currently buying separate shares but investing in them through funds. My account leaves a monthly direct debit to a cost-effective fund. I…

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Who does not take risks does not drink champagne

Why invest money? The alternative would be to roll all the furs here and now, but instead, we put them on the stock exchange in the hope that they would sometimes make us even more money and allow for a…

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