Are you interested in investing in bitcoins, shopping, or do you just want to get to try Bitcoin? This getting started guide is for you.

Investigate before the huts.

Bitcoin gives the average person the freedom to manage their own money. It’s something the traditional banking world doesn’t offer. At the same time, however, it brings responsibility. Find out what it’s all about before you put the money down.

  We recommend that you familiarize yourself with Bitcoin for at least a few hours before moving on.

Bitcoin Investor Guide

In this guide, we will go through how to invest in bitcoins in practice.

Investing in Bitcoins is best done through a specialized Bitcoin exchange service where you can also store the bitcoins you purchase. For this use, we recommend the Coinbase we maintain.

Preservation and use of bitcoins

You can store bitcoins in Coinmotion, but if you want to keep the bitcoins you bought from Coinmotion yourself, you will need to purchase your secure Bitcoin wallet. Or, if you want to use the bitcoins you purchase to pay, we recommend that you transfer some of the bitcoins to a separate user wallet for smoother payment.

Bitcoin User Guide

Step 1: Get a Bitcoin Wallet

Receiving, sending, and storing Bitcoins requires that you have a Bitcoin wallet. The wallet can be a program installed on a computer or smart device, or a special security wallet such as a security device or a physical coin wallet.

A physical coin is only recommended for long-term storage of bitcoins because it is difficult to send bitcoins. Safety wallet devices like the Ledger, on the other hand, are suitable for both safe storage and payment.

We are not responsible for any problems you may encounter with external wallet service providers. Please be careful to ensure the safety of the wallet you use.

We recommend Bitcoin wallets

Note. Always remember to back up your wallet! The most common way to dispose of bitcoins is for the wallet to be lost and not backed up. Backing up is easy and every Bitcoin wallet offers the opportunity.

Bitcoin is easiest to use with Bitcoin wallets for smartphones, but safest with special security wallets and devices. Desktops and laptops are their intermediate form.

Smartphones and tablets





Windows Phone


Desktops and laptops

Light wallet with comprehensive features – Electrum

For Power Users – Bitcoin Core (Recommended only for high-performance computers with an SSD)

Security wallets and equipment

There are several wallet solutions available for storing larger amounts of Bitcoin. These are highly recommended if you intend to store large amounts of bitcoins.

Physical coin wallet – Denarium

A well-suited wallet device for storage and use – Ledger Wallet

For business and family use

Corporate boards and couples can use a wallet that requires confirmation from more than one person to confirm transfers.

Copay (works on all devices)

Once you have purchased a Bitcoin wallet, you are ready to proceed to step 2.

If you don’t want to install and maintain your Bitcoin wallet, you can also check out our Coinmotion service, where you can store bitcoins and make purchases as well as sales.

Step 2: Buy bitcoins.

Now you have a Bitcoin wallet and there you will find your Bitcoin address. There can be several addresses in one wallet. You need those addresses to receive bitcoins.

Bitcoins can be obtained in many different ways. For example, you can sell something, and ask for bitcoins as payment. You can work and get paid for bitcoins. However, for the new user, the easiest way to get bitcoins is to buy them. Bitcoins can be purchased in many different ways, here are the ways we recommend:

By bank transfer or credit 

Cash – in Bitmap

Bitcoins can also be purchased by bank transfer from the Coinbase service, where bitcoins can also be stored at the same time. Also, bitcoins can be purchased in pre-loaded coins, which are themselves Bitcoin wallets.

Then when you have bitcoins in your Bitcoin wallet, you’re ready to use them, and move on to the last step!

Step 3: Start using Bitcoin.

Now that you have bitcoins, you can start using them. We have listed bitcoins that accept bitcoins from all over the world on our website.

You do not have to buy anything to use Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the cradle of a new kind of donation culture, and it’s worth trying out how easy it is to send money with it. You can send even small amounts to your friend with Bitcoin almost for free. All you need is your friend’s Bitcoin address.

Once you have made your first Bitcoin transfer, you have achieved the title of Bitcoin user. Congratulations!

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