Exhaustion or numbness in paid work is very common. Work, and with it the rest of life, can turn into an anesthetic performance. Making changes is still wasted for an unnecessarily long time. Here we tell you how to go from employee to entrepreneur and how to customize your living. . How, then, is self-employment created? And for whom is the transition from paid work to entrepreneurship suitable? These questions have perspectives in this post.

Change calls – recognize signals

Man can withstand strain and stress for a surprisingly long time. If coping and well-being are put to the test from year to year, it will eventually begin to show and feel as increasing mental or physical symptoms, in general, signals of the need for change. As feelings of discomfort increase, of course, one also begins to dream of change. The feeling brightens from the feeling: “I don’t want to live my whole life like this!”

In difficult circumstances, it can also be a matter of some of our dreams being suppressed at work or in the lifestyle we live in general. Somehow our minds and bodies do tell us that this is not good. Somewhere there is now a contradiction between our hopes and our reality.

For myself, awkward feelings at work increased over the years. The limits of one’s performance began to meet, in parallel, in parallel with the attainment of a longing for freedom and one’s inner change.

new dream of greater independence and free movement began to surface. Of course, these dreams came to me in the flames of gasoline with my Sabbath year and longer trips to Asia.

At first, I started to dream of some kind of “normal” entrepreneurship, but the further the situation progressed, the more I felt the need to be as free and independent as possible. Entrepreneurship plans also had to adapt to this framework.

I started to tilt the so-called. In the direction of “free enterprise”. For myself, free entrepreneurship meant a customized livelihood model, in many ways independent (laptop) entrepreneurship. This model would allow me to do and create my work, according to my resilience and interests, and move around the world for at least part of the year.

In retrospect, I wonder, that many of exhaustion change encountering dreams of sticking at a much earlier stage would have been able to provide a life preserver, allowing himself would have received good time on dry land.

Too many people endure for too long and end up so tired that they no longer see their opportunities to start taking their lives on the track where they want it to go. And it may not be the resources to start building that own thing and creating the necessary financial basis for it. At least before you have another good time to rest and gather strength.

I gained a lot of strength from the idea that now I am creating a new lifestyle for myself. I was constantly thinking of liberation and feeling the feelings it evoked in me at every turn. When this feeling in my abdomen only intensified, I knew I had to go towards it and make choices to “pay what you paid for”. I decided that the means could be found. I was willing to do a lot and also give up almost all the “benefits achieved” for the sake of freedom.

The awakening of dreams of change and desires for freedom can thus be the first signal to wake up, which is worth taking seriously. That tells us that some change of direction is needed. As these feelings awaken, it is a good time to begin to find out how their wish could be put into practice. This feeling should not be ignored.

From the norm of paid work to the appreciation of freedom

After all, the spirit of the times has already been that committing to a single employer or physical job is an increasingly unattractive option. We want to experience different stages in life, different work and living environments. An increasing number of people are starting to find alternatives for themselves at an early age. Long before there is any knowledge of any work exhaustion or baking.

The pursuit of financial independence and thus a freer lifestyle is becoming more common. And there is nothing miraculous about this, but rather it is entirely logical. The appreciation of one’s life, well-being, and leisure has increased at a rapid pace, while awareness of various options has grown as the monetary and investment debate has become more mainstream.

There is no longer one schematic path of life, there are many paths and the individual may have more opportunities than ever to shape his life in the direction he wants and live more by listening to himself. Fewer and fewer people want to postpone their dreams and dreams to the same retirement days but strive to realize their desired lifestyle much earlier.

In paid work, we are caught up in entrenched thought patterns, a certain standard of living or lifestyle that we have acquired for ourselves over time. We believe we need at least € 2,000 every month in hand to live a decent life. Indeed, money and its earnings for the maintenance of the material framework can inadvertently create considerable shackles.

Even if you feel comfortable at work, performance can at some point turn to extremes of pinching and stress to unhealthy proportions. For some reason, however, many find it difficult to see their options and agree to be humiliated in terms of working life and care system to jump on. The recipes for remedying the situation are mainly anti-depressants and maybe small tunes as part of your work. Exhausted or unhappy at work, these tricks rarely help.

Instead of stabbing a person at work at the risk of his or her life and quality of life, falling into endless execution and sacrifice, it is important to see that alternatives are found. After all, these are not easy, let alone sure, solutions, but there are opportunities to redesign and customize your livelihood and work anyway.

Even if work is not coming to an end, it is important for many freedom seekers that earning a living is freer, more meaningful, and more in their own hands than paid work. Those who seek financial independence often say that what is important in independence is to be able to choose for themselves what work to do and how much.

The builder of a freer livelihood and lifestyle accepts that lifestyle is associated with certain risks, unpredictability, and income irregularities.

So it is good for everyone to think for themselves whether such a lifestyle that asks for a wide range of flexibility is suitable for their own life? Self-knowledge, outlining your desires and resources will give you the best guidelines for your solutions.

Resigning from paid work is always an option, but it is worth preparing for it in peace and thoughtfully.

What exactly is free entrepreneurship?

Freedom means different things to different people. For myself, it means, above all, that I can plan the day’s activities and schedules myself. I want responsibility and power to be in my own hands. I get to be creative in my livelihood and flexibly tailor what I do to my life situation and resources. I can start and end things on a relatively low threshold.

Related to my conception of freedom is that I don’t have to strive to live Moderately, according to traditional patterns of earning, consuming, or even living. Internalizing this mindset and giving up certain beliefs already gives a lot of freedom.

I’m okay with it, that the other party of freedom comes the uncertainty of income, making compromises, and occasionally quite brisk work hours without counting. Does not matter!

The free enterprise itself is a term that can take on many meanings depending on its determinant. As the name implies, it means freer entrepreneurship, at least not primarily tied to opening hours or business premises. More work and life on your terms. So that one can be faithful to one’s well-being, values ​​, and dreams.

In international articles, the term freedompreneur is often used to describe precisely the laptop entrepreneurship that enables travel. Independence of place and other freedoms are better realized in it than traditional entrepreneurship.

It can also mean a general liberation from traditional ways of seeing work, entrepreneurship, and the whole life cycle. For some, free entrepreneurship can manifest a more holistic, freedom-oriented mental landscape and philosophy of life. I have taken the liberty to define and use the term in my way. What free enterprise is?

Freedom means different things to different people. For myself, it means, above all, that I can plan the day’s activities and schedules myself. I want responsibility and power to be in my own hands. I get to be creative in my livelihood and flexibly tailor what I do to my life situation and resources. I can start and end things on a relatively low threshold.

What does a freelancer’s livelihood consist of?

The livelihood of a freelancer can consist of a certain source of income in business, such as selling a particular product or service online, but it can also be well combined with seasonal projects, occasional gigs, various active and passive incomes.

I have sought to ensure that sources of income would be at least a few different. The keywords in combining activities and sources of income are freedom, creativity & customization.

I have a situation right now where I’m studying, doing laptop work around this blog, occasionally producing content elsewhere, and investing on a small scale. Also, I act as an Airbnb host and plan subsequent renovations to my own, and sometimes others ’, homes. The latter works currently consider me place-dependent for part of the year. And that’s okay.

The spirit of free entrepreneurship, therefore, includes the freedom to compile one’s work and livelihood from the pieces one wants. It pays to explore your opportunities to work and build entrepreneurship without clinging too much to what you’ve done before or get the same “salary” as before. Broad-mindedness, flexibility, and imagination benefit the seeker of a freer livelihood.

If I had been stuck in my academic education or work experience, it would have been quite difficult to build this new flexible way of life for myself and get all the experiences I have had. The change in one’s world of values ​​and the changes that have taken place in the wider world have opened the mind to completely new careers. More important than money is the fact that the days are not fully programmed. Just as the fact that what is done should, as a rule, inspire, is never haunting.

If you’re the “I own” type like me, you’ll probably want to put together a unique combination of available jobs and sources of income and not settle for any finished mold.


Paid work can still be part of this pattern if it so wishes and it can be a good addition to the whole. After all, a self-employed person decides on the formation of his or her livelihood. The rigid structures of working life may not make this easy, but you may be able to agree on certain work assignments or a few hours of work per week for your employer or principal, and you can still do these jobs remotely.

It is more common to offer and bill jobs as an entrepreneur or with a freelance tax card. So if you want and can sell some of your skills and employment services to employers/companies.

As a freelancer, you can also put together an annual account bag, for example in seasonal work or as a seasonal entrepreneur, and this way you will be left with a part of the year to live more freely in the world by doing those laptop jobs. Customization is the thing!


Paid work is an economically important lever for the builder of a freer life and therefore it is not worth going to take the final account. The status of an employee and a stable income makes it easier for entrepreneurs to invest, accumulate wealth and save the buffer fund. With regular income, budgets make it easier to plan and apply for investment loans.

Especially if the ideas of self-employment are ones for which there is no ready-made order in the market, it is worth building one stone footing of a freer lifestyle on savings and investments in all peace while still in paid work. In the early days of entrepreneurship, money taps are inevitably tight, even getting a credit card can be tricky.

All such financial planning should be taken care of while still in paid employment. Of course, you have to find out for yourself that your finances and the management of possible investments and other loans will remain stubborn in your glove in changing situations.

Investments can provide passive income over time, either in the form of annual dividends or more regular cash flows such as rental income. Another way to take advantage of investments is to try to accumulate assets so that the accumulation can be realized at a good time if necessary.

In an investment home, the property may accumulate over five years, for example through renovations and a shortening of the loan, so that it forms part of the livelihood for the next five years or the initial capital for some new thing.

As they accumulate over time, investments offer more and more freedom. When part of their livelihood is earned either by cash flow or by “eating” capital, they can reduce and relax their work if they wish.

It is worth getting acquainted with the investment and starting it well in advance of leaving for paid work. It is worthwhile to include the investment plan as a strategic part of a freer life and livelihood. Even small holdings bring security and enable new beginnings. It doesn’t take a million or half of it.


When you go from paid employment to entrepreneurship, you can use a lot of creativity to refine your skills and interests into the form of a product or service sold online. This planning should be started, if at all possible, while still at work or with some long time off.

An entrepreneur needs at least a home page and selected social media channels to use. My pages are the platform and platform within which the business can start to build.

Depending on the concept, the pages may have, for example, some combination of the following:

  • online store
  • services (online and perhaps partly live)
  • e-products
  • blogs
  • good content and free “tastings”

Almost everyone has a laptop and a telephone. Some software, platforms, and tools require some investment and possibly training/courses, but no big money is needed for the initial investment. A freelancer does not need expensive equipment, equipment, or business premises. The margin is thus greater and the financial risks also lower.

Only starting an online store can require a little more financial investment to get started. However, it is often not necessary to keep large warehouses, and storage and shipping can all be outsourced if desired. Maybe you make some products in stock yourself and part of the year you travel and at the same time market your products online, with someone else taking care of shipping them.

By leveraging outsourcing services, you can ensure that even if some sources of revenue are location-based, you can still move relatively freely if you want. Today, fortunately, you can buy/sell a service for almost any task, virtually or live.

Your own time, energy and working hours are spent the most in the beginning. You have to be prepared for saving enough start-up money for a new phase of life to save on your living costs. This should be assessed on the top rather than the bottom edge. Developing a selling idea and finding an interested audience can take time.

In the calculations, it is good to note that in addition to living expenses, there are always certain expenses involved in running a business. Let’s talk about the minimum costs of about 300-400 € / month so that the laptop company can be run reasonably. These basic costs of a digital entrepreneur are e.g. accounting, (minimum) fee, site maintenance costs, software costs, telephone and internet costs, and the cost of purchasing the equipment itself.

In the beginning, it is worth thinking about side-time entrepreneurship or light entrepreneurship on the side of paid work. When switching to actual entrepreneurship, it is worth applying for a start-up allowance (or taking advantage of unemployment insurance) for living expenses. All steps should be ensured from the Te office so that there will be no nasty surprises in that area. One possibility, of course, is to save your freedom fund in advance, with which to start an entrepreneurship.

With sensible consumption, even lower incomes will suffice

The transition from paid work to entrepreneurship usually means that income drops for at least a moment. Depending on the product or service you are selling, the demand for your expertise or your marketing skills, the pieces of heaven, and anytime from anywhere. The easiest way to compensate for the decline in income is to reallocate one’s consumption.

Staying abroad and living semi-annually is a great opportunity to lower your expenses and free up time from certain everyday hustle and bustle. You can choose to outsource cooking and cleaning and still live more cheaply than in the USA.

By offsetting housing expenses while on a trip, for example by volunteering, such as acting as a janitor, you can consume consumption in a significant way. Reducing costs also reduces the pressure to make a dizzying result right away and thus you are free to build it into your concept, test things and breathe more freely. Live in that freedompreneur spirit.

Returning to the premise that one has already exhausted himself to some extent in his paid work, it is clear that no increase in stress coefficients is needed. Especially those with a background of exhaustion need to be especially careful about what kind of goals we set and the amount of work we do.

For an entrepreneur, the stress of finances and their coping often lurks even closer than for wage workers. You can’t always even limit inspiring things to do. A plan for maintaining your endurance and limiting what needs to be done should be made.

It has made it much easier for me to manage with low consumption when needed. So I can do things at my own pace, take the necessary rest and breaks. If at the same time you can still stay part of the year in exotic landscapes, what’s better!

On the other hand, if you are in good shape and have enough to do, you can set your income and profit targets high. Self-knowledge, own resources, and goals are good to be in line.

The freedom of a freelancer, is it?

Yes and no. Where an entrepreneur who is committed to customer work or a stone leg is caught up in location and schedules, a freelancer working mainly through a laptop is largely caught up in his laptop. It is not a denial. Things to do would be endless. Also invisible and the so-called. there is a lot of unproductive work. Fortunately, however, much of what is done is meaningful, inspiring, and most of all, instructive.

To work online, one must constantly study, plan, background, research, experiment, and develop what we do. All of this takes a huge amount of time. One should not think that laptop entrepreneurship is one for which one can only determine an hourly wage. For an individual service, perhaps, but for building entities and developing new products/services, it is more difficult.

The online world is moments, there are constantly changes and updates to the systems. Many should be involved. Social media is further fueling performance pressures. It is important to find and keep your boundaries online, otherwise, the freedom will be pretty apparent. There may not be terribly time left for days if you do not consciously decide to take it. It’s good to think about what kind of boss he is to himself, now that he gets to fully lead that own job.

Work is exactly what it builds. This makes it easy to state, but harder to implement in style. Interesting ideas revolve around an entrepreneur’s mind no matter how much and to-do and should-do lists grow insidiously. It’s hard to be at a big buffet table and choose only one or two varieties on your plate. The abundance of opportunities can lead to an overestimation of your capacity and a new squirrel wheel. This is one of the paradoxes and dangers of “free labor”. So you have to be careful.

However, a freelancer, if anyone, also has the opportunity to create products or digital marketing structures that allow him or her to later earn income with less investment or even completely passively. The work done today can thus bring freedom to tomorrow. Automations are here to help the entrepreneur.

Ideally, a freelancer will always have enough cash to invest in training, coaching, or outsource some of his or her duties. If you always try to do everything yourself, it will suddenly start to take away your freedom. In this case with a lot of myself, I wrestled. Partnerships and networking help move forward, fill in the missing work community and provide sparring peer support.

Freedompreneur’s freedom lies in the fact that, compared to paid work, he has a lot of power to create, plan and regulate his work and doing. At the same time, he is responsible for not riding himself on the ruthless impeller he has just wanted to get out of. You may be able to do more work from time to time and less work from time to time. The best part, though, is that you get to decide things yourself and do it “your own business”.

Awareness that yarns are in your own hands brings good luck. Good luck who can’t put a price tag on it. Part of the salary is this freedom to do and create and the quality and variety of life that results from it. The fact that you can do your work from anywhere and anywhere in the world. After all, it’s freedom! At the same time, however, we must also be able to obtain the euro-denominated salary/income stream used to buy food and pay bills.


  • Recognize the dream of change and act before it turns to exhaustion or baking
  • Consider what degree/form of freedom and independence is ideal for you
  • What other boundary conditions are associated with work where you can experience freedom and well-being
  • Map livelihood formation for you:
    • laptop entrepreneurship (what do you sell/do?)
    • gig / seasonal work (what?)
    • investment income (from?)
    • cost-cutting
    • stay abroad (lower cost of living)
    • Else, what?
  • Think about the necessary preparations and make financial calculations: what kind of start-up fund do you need?
  • If you have suffered from burnout, keep the bar at a moderate level and invest in curbing
  • Can you start/test entrepreneurship while in paid employment? Do it!
  • Create a plan for the implementation and schedule of the transition start saving now -> You’ll learn to manage with an adjusted budget at the same time

-> Use these factors to build the beginnings of your freelance business!

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