How to make more money? Lots of tips

Responding to opinion polls and surveys

This way, you can easily earn some tens of euros by clicking on the answers to online surveys. There are many others of these services and we have made a comprehensive comparison of these services and you can view the best-paid queries here.

Tip: Sign up for more services and test which one or which is best for you. You can easily test where you get the best rewards when you look at how much you can earn in an hour, for example.

Sale of second-hand goods online

The headline could also read something related to flea market sales, but nowadays selling your second-hand goods even on the Facebook Marketplace can be a great way to make more money temporarily. There should be plenty of second-hand goods for sale if this is to continue for longer.

Another way is to buy and sell these used items. This is called flipping. That is, first you look at the prices of some products and then you try to buy them cheaply and sell a little after that at a higher price. I have been doing this for the computer components and also with dumbbells. Of the components, it’s important to understand pretty much that it can make money, but dumbbells are a really simple, albeit pretty heavy product.

Earn by helping your neighbors

This is an underrated way to make more money easily. Do you know how to put food, iron clothes, do laundry, take care of children, or would you rather tease carpets if you could make money from it?

Put a note on the apartment board’s bulletin board where you write things you could offer and also put your phone number on it. Wait and see what happens. Also, take a few notes to neighboring houses and a convenience store bulletin board, or post on your city group on Facebook what you could offer others.

Today, many busy families, and especially the elderly, need everyday help and many are willing to pay a small allowance for it.

Get telecommuting from home

Nowadays, there are many options that you can use to earn extra income by working from home. You might want to think about whether you want some easy “brain clutch” work or whether you want challenges and meaningful things to do.

If you’re looking for easy work to do at home, here are a few ideas for you:

  • Chat worker
  • Customer service representative
  • PBX worker
  • Content producer and article writer
  • Telemarketer
  • Graphic designer
  • A woman works at home on the bed
  • You can find more options and ideas from these Freelance services that offer you the opportunity to earn extra income:

Start blogging and Earn with your blog

This requires a little more planning and genuine enthusiasm for the subject. If you like to take photos or write a lot of text, then blogging could be a really good extra way for you.

Creating a blog these days is easy and once you’ve got yourself your blog, you can just let the ideas flow and write them in the form of blog posts on your pages.

Tip: Think first about what topic and topic you would like to write about. What kind of topic could you write about even if you weren’t even paid a salary for it? When you find that kind of topic and perspective for your blog, you’ll be able to keep writing, even if it doesn’t generate much revenue at first.

The great thing about a blog is that once the articles are written and recommend some products for which you can get a referral fee, then your blog can generate money for you, even if you are sleeping or doing something completely different yourself.


I hope you got these new ideas or enthusiasm to come up with different ways to make more money and especially the paid surveys have been popular because they don’t require any special part

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