Pregnancy changed everything

When the pregnancy test looks positive, life can throw a somersault. How do you feel when you become a mother at a young age and your financial situation is not stable?

I vividly remember the moment that changed my life on my head. It was a summer day. The study sheet had just changed to summer work, and my husband and I were looking forward to the fall student exchange in Bali.

On that same day, two thin lines were drawn on the stick. My life took on a new dimension, I would become a mother.

I didn’t give up on anything, I left for Bali, just like we had planned with my husband. Since the pregnancy went well, we enjoyed the Indonesian sun right up to the final meters of my pregnancy.

When I got my firstborn, I was a 21-year-old student. Needless to say, there was little money. So I practiced financial management with diaper shopping, literally.

However, maternity leave was not limited to diaper or stall shopping. It allowed me a creative break and gave room for new ideas. Soon I realized I was dreaming of entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur, I could increasingly influence where and when I get my income.

I got my first business idea in the baby year. When I spent a lot of time at home with my firstborn without a mother network, the idea arose to organize maternal wellness events. The basic idea of ​​the events would be clear: recreation with the guided activity and networking with other mothers.

I came up with the idea and soon the first event – named Mother Circle – was organized in collaboration with various companies.

Money and maternity

I am lucky because my childhood in a large family has provided tools for precise control of the economy from an early age. Life surrounded by ten siblings taught that not everything can be made new or at once.

I thank my mother for the lessons of a frugal lifestyle. The financial tips I learned from him have not been forgotten, but have been helpful at various stages of my life.

However, my monetary relationship has been most affected when I became a mother myself. For me, motherhood has shaped me to be a more financially precise, planned, and frugal user of money. You could say that becoming a mother raised me to adulthood. The priorities went new. With my second child at the latest, I realized I wanted a life as financially stable as possible.

My journey to this point has been varied: paid work and various hustle projects and eventually a jump from early childhood education to entrepreneurship. The moment I realized in my childhood about becoming an entrepreneur has determined the direction of my life a lot. It was a turning point to realize that I can be both a groundbreaking entrepreneur and a mother at the same time.

I believe that my economy develops hand in hand with meaningful work. In our family life, we talk openly about money, entrepreneurship, and meaningful work – playfully, of course, matching the age level of 3- and 6-year-olds. I hope I can pass on to my children an encouraging example of building a unique working life.

This spring, I’m writing content for Mimmit Invest in the media on entrepreneurship and family finances. Also, I write about investing in a child and savings on things that make everyday life easier for babies.

I intend to provide peer support and a surface of identification, especially for mothers-in-law.

From experience, I know how important it can be.

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