I finally get to invest!

I was supposed to become a big superhero, but I decided to become an investor because at best it can be pretty much the same thing. On the morning of my 18th birthday, I didn’t rush to buy alcohol but opened a book-entry account. The biggest reasons for this can be calculated with the fingers of one hand:

1. Investing is the path to independence

I have lived on my student apartment days of the year, but I’d be lying if I would argue was self-contained. My everyday life would look quite different if I didn’t get financial support from my parents when needed, let alone social benefits. As much as I appreciate these subsidies, I dream of financial independence. Financial independence means independence from others and decision-making power over one’s consumption. It means the freedom to live how to lust and on the other hand full responsibility for one’s actions. However, the dream without a waterproof plan is just a cloud castle, and therefore the first thing I did when I drank my morning coffee as an adult was to open a book-entry account. Financial independence is part of a broader process of independence that results in me truly becoming an adult. Yes, in my opinion, the book-entry account wins as a criterion of adulthood hundred-zero crunches, at least now during the Korona period.

2. The wise can get less

The work is pretty cool, but the visible result of the work is what motivates me. The result can be a stylish release, a spectacular event, or a successful sales situation, but there is one form of result that everyone is familiar with: your bank account balance. It is not at all uncommon in student districts for the reward of work to be based solely on monetary compensation. While all the experience is good and homey, shifts at a fast-food restaurant or store can be sweaty and horror. In addition to low pay and miserable jobs, taxation also burdens wage earners. Long story short: Certain stuff is hard to pursue just by pressing the dune. I Pörssisäätiö Stock Exchange Messenger program, where young people are trained to junior high school age training management of your finances. We have a graph on the presentation slides to see what happens when you invest for 50 years in the month of the fairy tale. With an average annual return of seven surfaces at that time, you have time to invest to earn just over 16 years of average earnings. And with what dune? For machining a couple of monthly investments and investing only a small portion of your salary!

3. I want a penthouse and a sailboat

I don’t identify as a materialist, but let’s face it, I have some material dreams that I haven’t thought about being flexible. I wouldn’t mind if I ever got to enjoy my morning coffee on the windowsill of my penthouse. Just like financial independence, this does not happen by itself. I’m not a fan of Excel, but it’s a ruthless tool to uncover the flaws of plans. Merely saving on my idea of ​​a penthouse would seem pretty desperate, but luckily there is no need to sink into despair. Now, of course, there is such a feeling that one could just win the lottery without having to wait so many years to benefit from the proceeds. On the other hand, when you finally get there on the windowsill, the wait of a couple of years will not be much press then. And at the same pace, a secure future can be achieved until retirement. Then it would be easy to move from the windowsill to the Turku archipelago for the weekends…

4. The investor is super

The school has been taught on several occasions that he who has money also has power. Living with a self-earned piece, of course, has, of course, the power to decide on one’s lifestyles and destinations, but there is much more to spending everyday money on. The consumer is constantly making value choices, for example, when deciding between an environmentally certified and a standard product. On the stock exchange, the situation is the same, but on a larger scale. An investor can promote and be part of global trends and benefit from them with amounts that do not have to exceed the cost of a grocery store trip. Although a fund investor does not have access to general meetings, when choosing between funds, I have the power to decide what issues and where in the world I want to direct resources. Preferring funds that meet the ESG criteria is also quite close to saving the world and can have far-reaching consequences. To top it all off, such heroes can be practiced in a costume under a fluffy blanket.

In hindsight, the superhero was a rather absurd career dream. I see heroes often tend to do far too much work and get licked. It’s at least as cool to know the secrets of the stock market as to know how to fly.

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