Career story: Goodbye glass roofs in male-dominated areas, kick the shards out of the way!

Even big dreams have a small beginning.

It was self-evident that after elementary school, I would continue my studies in high school, after which I would apply to the School of Economics. On the first search, the shop doors did not open. I decided to move and take high school courses at the Open University while attending a store coaching course. Moving and hard work paid off – I started studying at the School of Economics.

I had already decided, at the beginning of my studies, that I would finish school as soon as possible so that I could get to work as soon as possible. I chose management and organization as my major and completed the store in 3.5 years. I graduated with a master’s degree in economics a year ago in the summer of 2019.

In my degree, my research topic was concept management as the cornerstone of strategy implementation. In addition to me, my graduate group included three forty men who worked in the banking industry at the executive level. At this point, I ponder for the first time how I, as a 23-year-old woman, can be convincing enough to present my research seriously to these financial executives. And then how in working life, is there the same feeling? What if my credibility is not enough?

“How can I, as a 23-year-old woman, be convincing enough to present my research seriously to these financial executives?”

I do not have been intended to apply for a job before I graduated from high trade, but Facebook came against a job advert, which was applied for the construction of office managers. I knew absolutely nothing about the industry or company, but the job aroused my interest. I took the phone in a beautiful hand, shouted at the CEO and a couple of days later I was in a job interview. I got a job and did office work for the company for a year in addition to the school.

“I took the phone in a beautiful hand, shouted at the CEO”

After graduation, my job description changed. I continued my administrative duties on the financial side, but at the same time, I started to be responsible for the company’s personnel, ie on behalf of HR. My title became HR Manager.

After all, it was exciting to jump straight from the school bench to the big boots with no other experience in personnel management than what I had read in the textbooks. Curious, I accepted the challenges and thought I could now put the theories of the textbook into practice. Sometimes there were moments when I thought, “Hey, that’s exactly the stuff that was talked about at school!”.

“Curiously, I accepted the challenges and thought that now I could put the theories of the textbook into practice.”

Already at primary school, I told my mother at the end of a school day that “then I want to work as a big one but with the boys”. Well, the construction industry is notoriously pretty male-dominated. I work as the only woman every day with dozens of men. Men make up about 90% of the company’s employees.

In college, I thought I was looking for a job in a company where the job seemed peculiar. As long as the atmosphere and the values ​​of the company are amazing, then the industry itself doesn’t matter. The encouragement of parents to take things boldly has also carried me forward. The mother has shown by her example that there are no jobs for women or men.

Admittedly, I still think sometimes between men that I can make a sufficient contribution to the workforce. However, it has been awesome to note that even the toughest businessmen are just people, struggling with ordinary everyday things. Sometimes they, too, squirm to Mom to ask for help! I’ve learned that working life is better to be genuine than to pretend to be perfect.

“I’ve learned that working life is better to be genuine than to pretend to be perfect”

A year ago, I also had the opportunity to buy shares in the company. I thought miracles don’t happen by themselves, you have to try and take risks! I did not doubt to seize the opportunity and appreciated the opportunity to become a minority shareholder in the company. Of course, at first, it was a bit exciting to invest money in the company, as I had previous experience of participation. Now I can say that I have not regretted the ranking for a moment, nor have I had to lose a night’s sleep.

At the moment, I am also honored to serve on the company’s management team. There are few companies in the construction industry that have a woman on their management team, so perhaps some kind of breakage of the glass roof could be talked about here. Things in my career have had clicked into place astonishingly quickly, in three years I have been able to proceed leader in a male-dominated field.

“Currently, I am also honored to serve on the company’s management team as well”

In my own experience, I recommend every woman to forget all the preconceptions and stereotypes about male-dominated workplaces. Don’t underestimate yourself – women, who believe they will succeed! Say goodbye to glass roofs, walk over them and kick the shards aside.

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