Five steps to a more minimalist life

I will now share five tips for a more minimalist life.

I was initially interested in minimalism when I woke up to the fact that I only use a small fraction of the contents of my wardrobe. At the same time, I began to pay attention to my buying behavior from an ethical perspective as well. Namely, I had always been a big consumer of cheap clothing chains, which started to get a little anxious due to the climate crisis that came to the table and the harsh conditions of the workers. I began to think more deeply about why, in a miracle, I have a need to constantly buy something new and I want to do it at the expense of our planet.

Buying new clothes with a constant supply is not only very unecological but also quite a burden on your wallet. So I saw no more reason to march to the shops, and now, a couple of years later, I can proudly say that my clothing purchases can be counted with the fingers of two hands. possession of a minimalistic lifestyle as a result of taking this, I have managed to save several hundred euros per month. Sounds good, right?

If, based on this sales talk, you too would be inspired to take a step towards a more minimalist life, I recommend checking out the following tips!

1. Pay more attention to your buying behavior

Most of the time, when we buy a product, we buy rather an idea of what value the product brings to our lives. Admiration, unhurriedness, better self-esteem – who wouldn’t pursue these? Advertising is designed to create needs, so learn to be more critical and identify your real needs.

I also recommend monitoring the quality of the goods when making purchasing decisions. A product made of good materials can be a more expensive investment at the time of purchase, but trust me, it pays for itself, as it usually has a much longer lifespan than poor quality.

The same goes for flea markets – it is also not necessarily worth buying stuff from fast-fashion chains from there if the goal is to build a durable wardrobe made of good quality clothes. And while fleas are a greener as well as cheaper option to consume, shopping should always be based on need.

2. Get to know your style

Minimalism doesn’t mean you need to wear a white t-shirt + jeans combo for the rest of your life. Everyone can dress exactly as they feel good, the most important thing is just to find out what it means for themselves.

Go through your wardrobe and think about what style, color, and model of clothes have repeatedly felt good in the store, but ended up on the wigs of the closet collecting dust. This way, you can learn from your mistakes and dodge the bullet the next time a similar piece of clothing attracts you.

3. Think about what things will truly bring you happiness

Often we end up hauling stuff because we try to make ourselves happy. However, I experience that buying habits give only momentary pleasure, but genuine happiness is built on, for example, both mental and physical well-being and healthy relationships. When we can stop appreciating everything we already have, it becomes unnecessary to come up with new things.

4. Do not expose yourself to impulse purchases

If it seems insurmountably difficult to reduce purchases, I recommend stopping touring stores altogether. Therefore, temptations cannot arise. It is also worth skipping discount sales, especially if there are “needs” somewhere.

5. Go through the process step by step

Like long-term investing, a minimalist lifestyle is a marathon, not a sprint. I ran into minimalism in one fell swoop, but there is still room for improvement after a couple of years. While after reading this post, the feeling may be that “now leaving” I still recommend proceeding slowly and calmly so as not to go like the New Year’s gym boom.

Top one area of ​​your life you want to start developing in a more minimalist direction. The easiest way is to start pruning at home one category at a time.

Here are all the tips for this batch! Hopefully, this post will give you inspiration and food for thought.

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