Cryptocurrency: What a miraculous cryptocurrency?

I asked the title question to my friends three years ago when I visited their office. (Or well, rather, I had come to say hello to their office dog.) My friends excitedly explained that the cryptocurrency is a “virtual currency based on a blockchain that can make big and quick profits. They are the beginning of a new economic revolution! ” After all, I was excited about these, namely the great and quick victories and the world revolution!

“Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency based on a blockchain”

I started investing at the age of 18 when I received long-awaited Nokia shares from my parents as a birthday present. Since then, I reluctantly abandoned them. However, inspired by my first shares, I continued to invest. I read, researched, speculated, thought, and invested. I got a dividend, I made a profit and also a loss. I took my lessons and my interest in investing grew.

“I went on a research trip and got acquainted with the world of cryptocurrencies”

Interest in investing and finance was also evident in my studies when I decided to study international trade and finance. However, at some point, the traditional investment and financial world began to stumble, and the idea of ​​cryptocurrencies and their potential began to swarm in my mind. So I embarked on a new journey of exploration again and became acquainted with the world of cryptocurrencies. Since then I have dived deep into their world.

“Cryptocurrencies and joining them is as easy as opening a book-entry account”

The cryptocurrency world is very mystical, as it hides much more beneath its surface than one might imagine. In cryptocurrencies, one has to think about their preservation, transfer, costs, volatility, taxes, and many other things. Because of this multidimensionality, many have a high threshold to enter the world of cryptocurrencies, as it is perceived as technically challenging and too complex. Cryptocurrencies and joining them is as easy as opening a book-entry account online!

Before doing so, however, you should familiarize yourself with the matter, as always with investing. That’s why over the fall and winter, we’re going through the secrets of cryptocurrencies both here on the blog and podium side, and you’re following along, mimes! I will also answer questions from readers, so please report in the comments field if any occur!

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