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On the Twitter side, the announcement of my new studies shouted “A thousand times I could have guessed the sun profession and not invented the forest machine driver” – a very amusing comment.

Namely, many strangers were surprised by my announcement. Only a few acquaintances.

I share the activities of young savers, and public advocates of capitalism, ie stereotypical minds of gnawing kind of cultural business school, from my soul I’ve been always a laborer. I made my first investments three months after I switched from income support to study support in 2014 when I started studying pharmaceutical engineering at a vocational college.

In addition to vocational school studies, I worked at a pharmacy box office and two pharmaceutical wholesalers. I packed a shark cross Burana, drove dialysis fluids on a forklift, and asked thousands of times if I would put my shopping in a bag and have a cover card

“I’m the unknown, that is, stereotypical minds gold spoon suck business student many investment circles, from my soul I’ve been always working man”

I graduated in 2016 as a pharmaceutical technician in pharmaceutical wholesale, ie in Finnish, as a warehouseman… woman. In addition to my studies, I had saved a five-digit amount between my studies and graduation. In a couple of years.

In the same year, I got into a polytechnic to study as a finance and economics expert.

I’ve never been able to save as much as when I study vocational school storage, and not as little as when I study polytechnic funding. Where did the shoemaker’s child’s shoes go? At least in all the hustle and bustle, Midas’ safety shoes dropped from this cinderella, and sometimes it was a great success to save a hundred.

I have studied full-time throughout the “investment in my career,” the time, raised student aid and loans and trying to balance within the income limits. I know how it feels when, in addition to my studies, my head works wet and can afford to save and invest at best four-digit sums a month, but I also know very well how it feels when I have to trade with a calculator total purchases.

“I want to write about breaking stereotypes: safety shoes on the foot and nails under black oil can also be placed”

That’s why I don’t want to write about the fact that it’s easy to save money on investments just by parsing your own stretched socks and grayed pants. If the current account was empty while eating a soybean meal in an East Helsinki city apartment, someone would have advised parsing the sock interest rate phenomenon in a clear sense, there might have been a few international hand signals swaying.

So I’d rather write about breaking stereotypes and make people realize that safety shoes on the foot and nails under oil in black can also be placed, and you don’t need Louboutin high heels and a cheeky purple KTM certificate to dare call yourself an investor. I want to encourage people to open a book-entry account, switch industries, jump into the unknown, take side steps and life business, and stand chest rotting behind their choices.

“We can accommodate a bunch of masters of finance from construction workers, students, forest machine drivers, and co-mothers”

But I’m a woman and I place. An investing woman, even though I now live in a small town three hours away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I invest, even though the working days of the future are spent with these prospects in Ponsse’s booth and not in Excel, even though I thought so a moment ago. And that’s what life is like, mimes can hold a bunch from side to side. From one stage of life to another. From masters of finance to construction women, students, forest machine drivers, and co-mothers.

And now, because I’m a strong and independent youngish chick, I’ll go myself drop gleaned mass safety shoe stairs of the castle back foot and I look again to see if the old slogan vocational school accordance earn more, Or was the time just luck.

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