This is what my monthly budget looks like

Okay, the first Monday of the month is an official get-your-shit-together day, isn’t it?

Today, we are drawing up monthly budgets and setting financial targets for the coming months.

I promised in the section to share my budget here on the blog site, so here comes:

Monthly budget:

Salary: 2355 €

Mortgage + payments: -725 €
Applications: -10 €

Savings + Investments
Book-entry account: -500 €
Bumper: -500 €
Play account: -50 €

Spending money
Food allowance: -200 €
Lunches: -50 €
Travel tickets: -30 €
Hobbies: -100 €
Other Necessities: -100 €

So this is what my budget for the next four months looks like. Next year, I will make changes if necessary, as my income is the so-called. flexible (a wonderfully neutral word for it, I’m not sure how I will pay my bills next year). I thought about diving into different parts of the list deeper here below.


As I mentioned, this salary level is only guaranteed for September-December. Nonetheless, I felt a little proud to compare this buddha to my savings plan last year.

I also decided not to raise more scholarships this year, because of the low-income tax rate, it seemed more sensible to start paying the company out of salary. I opened my online banking income a separate salary account.


I have listed all the expenditure compulsory expenditure, leaving my account every month. Sure, the mortgage repayment is basically “savings,” but in this bud, I follow the KISS method (keep it simple, stupid).

Savings + investments

Since the beginning of the year, I have come to terms with much smaller incomes quite commendable, I decided to income momentary rise despite which consumption at about the same template. And save and invest the rest! (woohoo)

So some kind of savings is promised because my financial goal during the autumn is to accumulate € 2,000 in both the book-entry account and the buffer account.

My book-entry account is located in the bank, and the buffer account, on the other hand, is a regular bank savings account from which money can be withdrawn at any time (if the dishwasher breaks or shit flies to the fan).

The Play account is a separate savings account where I put a few dozen each month. Here, money can only be used to do nice things with thought. Style to visit a theater, restaurant, or massage. Why? Because the hardest part is when all the money has run out of the account and not even the others, what have you been behaving like? I also want to spend money consciously for fun (only this sounds quite sketchy when I say it out loud).

Spending money

When the salary slips into the account, I transfer less than € 500 to the current account to which my bank card is linked. With the card, I pay for food, trips, hobbies, and other necessities.

At the end of your budget, you should combine all your income and expenses to make sure you don’t spend more than your funds. I was left with a handsome € 30.

You may think, why on earth would I have opened online bank million a different account. This is because if my card alerts me when a store checkout is rejected, I know I have other accounts where I can probably find some money.

So I can’t go unnoticed to waste more money than I’ve transferred to my current account (within my budget). And on the other hand, I can carelessly pull my current account to zero every month, and yet increase my wealth slowly but surely elsewhere!

Have you already budgeted for yourself?

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