An Investing Woman: What Does a Stock Analyst or Investment Banker Look Like?

I studied at the School of Economics. When I started my studies in 2013, there were about as many women as men in my year course. When my second year of study was a place to choose a major, I chose leadership.

The first management course considered what a good CEO is like. What kind of character traits does he have, what are his strengths, what does he look like? Most students began to describe the imaginary leader with the words “He is…”. I saw a suited man carrying a briefcase in front of me.

I realized pretty quickly that no one’s image of the CEO was like mine. No one closed their eyes and saw a 155-centimeter, smiling, blonde woman in front of them. Not even myself.

I sighed deeply.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in economics, I started investing. My basic assumption about an investor was about the same as that of an imaginary CEO on a management course five years earlier.

However, I saw more and more women sharing their stories as investors and they gave me confidence in the stock market. I wanted to do the same myself. I wanted to create a place on the internet where such a 155 cent blonde woman could be the norm for an investor. That first profile that comes to mind.

A woman who invests in work

My year rate was no exception. Approximately as many women as men apply for studies at the School of Economics every year. In the financial sector, however, the gender distribution is no longer as even. It becomes more difficult to identify with other mimes.

However, the male-dominated industry should not be intimidated. An equal stock market means not only small investors but also those working in the investment industry, so it would be time to start breaking the norm of the suited man in investment banks as well.

That is why I was pleased when Evli Bank proposed cooperating to increase the number of women applying for investment. Together, we want to open a debate on the investment sector, where the norm can also be a woman.

When I visited Evli, I asked at the outset: does an applicant for the investment industry have to be a finance student? Evli’s women replied that the most important thing in working in the investment industry is their interest in the financial markets. Innovation, curiosity, and new perspectives are sought for investment banks and the financial sector. In other words: not like.

But most importantly, norms are changed by deeds. We can become role models. To achieve a more equal investment industry at the management and board level, we need more women at lower levels as well. Entry-level, rows to climb.

So close your eyes. Imagine what a stock analyst or investment banker looks like. Could it look like you?

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