Lazy guy investment guide

Do you find talking about money boring?

Let me guess, you know which models of jeans are trendy this spring or what music “everyone” is listening to right now, but you’re nowhere near as familiar with your money matters?

I’ve been there.

You are not interested in the financial situation, the stock market, or politics? Fine! Reading a trade magazine sounds as comfortable as first dates on ABC? No worries.

I have good news for you; the great thing about investing is its automation. You can be a lazy guy and still invest well. If I can do it, you can sack.

Your investment strategy is already complete; buy and forget!

That is, do yourself a favor and spend exactly one afternoon in your life investing:

Dig up your bank IDs and set up a free book-entry account online

Make a direct debit agreement for your payday and start Saving Monthly to a free index fund

Set the amount you save each month so low that the whole thing happens unnoticed

And don’t think about it in a comic! Even stock market crashes don’t scare you, as financial news is always unread. Perfect.

Let’s rewind time 40 years ahead. Let’s say it’s the twenties you invest once a month that has grown at an average annual rate of seven percent. You log in to Nordnet and you will see a dazzling EUR 52,802 in your book-entry account.

Embarrassed, 480 months have passed since direct debit was initiated, and your account has been charged only $ 20 a month. You quickly calculate 480 months x 20e to be only 9600 euros. Honest as you are, you will call the bank’s customer service on your future phone to report that you have an extra 43,202 euros in extra money in your account!

The bank’s customer service robot will respond immediately and explain to you what the interest rate effect means. Your thoughts will escape elsewhere, as you will not be interested in economic phenomena. However, you understand that all the money is yours.

Oh well, I guess that one investment afternoon in 2019 is worth it!

PS. Because you’re reading this blog, you don’t seem to be one of those types of completely ignorant about money matters. Link this to stuff you couldn’t be less interested in investing in! <3

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