Why are you investing?

I found an opening in my old notebook that I had modestly titled with the words “MY NEW LIFE”. Under the heading followed an agenda that scheduled everything from visualization exercises to abdominal movements.

Writing this online, of course, is embarrassing. But I believe I am not the only one who, in a desperate state, has grasped the same, comforting thought; tomorrow my perfect life begins because that’s when I do all these things I’ve never been able to do before.

For that is the truth. I can’t meditate. I’m tired every day, write down three things for which I am grateful and I do not start my morning aurinkotervehdyksillä. I can’t express my dreams out loud and I can’t praise my mirror image. I can’t keep on a vegan diet and I don’t water my plants often enough.


I can invest. At least I can invest.

Every month I transfer money to my book-entry account. Month by month, year by year, my portfolio is growing and my investment is bearing fruit. It builds a foundation for my future, it gives security, a sense of control, it empowers. It feels good.

That’s why I invest.

Besides, investing is a lot easier than any of the things I listed above. All you have to do is dedicate one afternoon of your life to a monthly savings contract, after which things will automatically progress to eternity. It’s perfect for such a lazy mimic.

Don’t get me wrong. Visualization exercises are certainly empowering. But this is an investment blog, for the sake of the lord.

Why are you investing?

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