First post

Hey you! <3

I set up the Save, Invest & Prosper blog because I wanted to create a place where we can talk about money. About salaries, savings targets, investments, debts and loans.

I have also begun to counter-saver and investor, and I felt that there are not too many places like this, were you can talk about investing in plain language.

So hey! If you’ve strayed here and think, “I don’t think that i´m not good enough to trading, I don’t even know where the shares are being bought”,

or if your thumb is already reaching for the “back” button to switch back to passive feed scrolling,

what if we would activated?

The purpose of this blog is to take over money matters, open up investment and financial issues, and (hopefully) engage in dialogue and inspire each other to invest.

Finally, I want to say that saving and investing is easier than you can expect. It requires less money than you think.

In fact, it doesn’t require any money yet, as getting to know it is in itself the best investment of your life.

Well are you involved?

Yes! The earlier we start a long-term investment, the less money we need for the first hundred, tons, tens of tons, hundred tons or flour.


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